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Below are some screenshots and photos of my work. Scroll left and right by clicking on the scroll buttons at the sides, and click on an image for an expanded view and details.
My Portfolio
Miller Samuel, Inc., 2018-Present
Previous Work: Thinkwell, 2001-2018
I used to be a web and database developer for Thinkwell, an e-learning company based in Austin, Texas. Here are a few examples of the work I did for the Thinkwell public website.
The Thinkwell Marketing Shell (1/6)
The Checkout Process (2/6)
Content Search (3/6)
Video Lectures (4/6)
Instructor's Guide (5/6)
Instructor's Resource Manager (6/6)
Previous Work: Internal Thinkwell, 2001-2018
In addition to the work I did for the public site, I also created and maintained the Thinkwell CMS and a number of other tools for internal use.
Syllabus Builder (1/5)
Lecture Health Report (2/5)
Closed Captioning Generator (3/5)
Note Builder (4/5)
GIF to MathML (5/5)
Previous Work: Texas DSHS and Other Website Work
Here is some contract work and a few additional websites I have done.
Texas Family Planning Annual Report (1/6)
FPAR Database Design (2/6) (3/6)
Jen's Portfolio (4/6)
Text Adventure (Personal Project) (5/6)
Text Adventure Database Design (6/6)
Other Interests of Mine
Crosswords (1/4)
Woodworking (2/4)
Project SCHMAME (3/4)
Model Making (4/4)